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Elli Wellness

Skincare Kit

Skincare Kit

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Introducing our luxurious Skincare Kit!

 Designed to pamper and rejuvenate your skin.

Experience the enchanting exfoliation of our natural sugar scrub, delicately removing dead skin cells for a radiant glow.

Nourish and hydrate with our indulgent body butter, leaving your skin silky smooth and velvety soft.

Restore your lips' natural allure with our lip scrub, crafted to gently buff away dryness and reveal supple lips.

Complete your self-care routine with our essential oil roller, a fragrant journey towards tranquility.

Elevate your skincare ritual with the finest nature-inspired ingredients in one elegantly curated collection.

Includes one of each:

9 oz Body Butter

9 oz Sugar Scrub

1.5 oz Lip Scrub

Essential Oil Roller 


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