Daily Planner
Daily Planner
Daily Planner

Daily Planner

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This is a unique daily planner that has two separate to-do lists so you can ensure your personal life to-do’s don’t get mixed (or even forgotten) with your work to-do’s. Priorities! The planner also has a dedicated box for priorities where you only write 1-2 items so you know it’s mega important!

To top it off, it looks VISUALLY DELICIOUS on your desk - It has playful colors to the page that are pretty to the eyes and its fun layout will help you focus on productivity.

Once you’ve filled up a sheet you can easily tear off the sheets to start the next page.

Space for 2x To-Do lists, Priorities and Quick Notes -
• 30 pages
• Grey-board backed
• 163gsm premium cardstock
Made in United States of America

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