10 SHOCKING Sustainable Facts Everyone Should Know!

10 SHOCKING Sustainable Facts Everyone Should Know!

#1 China is the WORLD'S TOP polluter emitting 9 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. 

Why does China produce so.much.carbon dioxide? They rely heavily on coal. Coal is one of the dirtiest sources of pollution. Producing up to double the amount of CO2 compared to other fossil fuels. Construction is another big contribution to China's emissions. They are urbanizing their country, building rapidly as their population continues to grow.

The Coronavirus has shown great change for China's climate, but as things open back up it may get worse.

How can China cut back? Use natural gases which emits 50 to 60 percent less carbon during the combustion process. China has started to make an effort to use this alternative. YAY! Also, slow down on the construction, will y'all? Dang. When did this world become all about the race? Who can beat who, yada yada yada. Let's root for each other and quit focusing on who's economy is better.

 #2 The world uses over 500 BILLION plastic bags a year. Thats 150 for every person ON.EARTH.

This is crazy. If you don't have reusable grocery bags you NEED some! I need to get some for my site ASAP. This is a heart-wrenching number. Don't get me wrong, we ALL have our days. I've forgotten my bags at home plenty of times. See if your store has a plastic-bag recycling bin and bring them back next time! I know Wegmans and Giant has one! There are tons of affordable places to get reusable bags. Most grocery stores sell them. I like the ones at Giant for 99cents and if you want bigger ones check out Homegoods & Marshalls! Also Whole Foods has cute ones :)

#3 Cigarette butts are the single greatest source of ocean trash.

Cigarettes are the most littered item in the world. Yes, even worse than plastic. Over 5.6 trillion cigarettes are produced each year. That is insane. Every beach clean up reports that the most item picked up are cigarette butts. Litter washes into the oceans from countless storm drains, streams and rivers around the world. The waste often disintegrates into microplastics easily consumed by wildlife. 

Look, I'm not going to tell you to quit smoking. There are semi-ecofriendly cigarettes out there. (Woodland, American Spirit) cutting back would make a huge difference. & for the love of whatever you believe in, PLEASE STOP LITTERING. 

#4 Agricultural Emissions could be reduced by as much as 70% by adopting a vegan diet and 63% by adopting a vegetarian diet.

Vegan diets tend to have far lower water, carbon, and ecological footprint. You can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 tons per year! You don't have to be fully vegan! (although that would be awesome!) Just participate in Meatless Mondays! Or have meatless dinners every Friday. Get the meatless option when you go out to eat. Just try your best! :) 

 #5 If people worldwide switched to energy efficient light bulbs the world would save $125 billion annually.

LEDs are the most efficient bulbs on the market! Compact fluorescent lights are good as well. They use 75 percent less energy than a regular bulb and they can last up to 4 years! It's such an easy switch, y'all! You can get these anywhere!!! 

#6 Running tap water for two minutes is equivalent to 3-5 gallons of water. 

This.is.crazy! Definitely changes the way I'm going to do dishes now. Yikes.

#7 A 5 minute shower is equivalent to 20-35 gallons of water. 

Even bigger yikes. No more 10-15 minute showers for me. If you're a mom you KNOW that's pretty much all the alone time we get haha. 

#8 An energy smart clothes washer can save more water in one year than one person drinks in their entire lifetime. 

I'm so glad I learned this because I WILL be investing in one. This is amazing! I'm so happy & grateful we live in an advanced society. Just one switch like this can change the world :) 

#9 It is better to use laptops instead of desktops. They use 50% less energy.

This is so good to know! Invest in that laptop! Have a coffee shop date with yourself. Work from anywhere :) LOVE IT!

#10 By 2030, it is expected that fashion waste will be a 148 million ton problem.

This is scary. So scary. I say this all the time..... SHOP AT THE THRIFT STORE!!!! For goodness sakes, y'all. There are so many clothes in this world. You can find name brand stuff there too! You have a washer! It isn't a big deal. We need to stop buying these fast fashion clothes. It just ain't worth it.


Thank you for reading :) I hope you learned something new and I hope one of these facts stuck with you! What will you be doing differently now? Let's chat :) 

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