Soapstone Animals
Soapstone Animals
Soapstone Animals
Soapstone Animals
Soapstone Animals

Soapstone Animals

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Emits a calming energy, both stimulating one to action and providing for peace at the center of the being. It allows one to release old routines and to create new loving environments. It also assists one in "changing with the tides", being ever ready for new situations and new challenges.


-Peace & harmony


-Playfulness and joy

-Inner strength

They teach us to not only save ourselves, but to protect others.  They represent strong moral convictions and self-confidence, reminding us to speak our minds and stand our ground rather than hide our true selves.


Whale energy aids in tapping our ancestral DNA and unlock the mysteries that lie there. Whales call us to wake up and realize that there is more to our reality than what we know through our physical senses. Traveling with the Whale beneath the waters of our consciousness unveils another world in our awareness. 

People have quarried soapstone for thousands of years. Native Americans used it to make bowls, ornaments, smoking pipes, cooking slabs, and so much more! It is said to help release outdated patterns and negative habits - helping you move to a more empowered and happy path. It's thought to be the perfect stone to have around you during stressful times or through a process of change, helping to keep things calm.


-Reminds you to stay true to your path. 

-Call in turtle when you need to reconnect to Mama Gaia.

-Are you feeling stressed and all over the place? Turtles show you have to work more effectively with proficiency. 

-Reminds us that strength and determination are keys to overcoming our obstacles. 


-Reminds us of the transient nature of our lives.

-A symbol of transition/transformation, supports you in time of change. 

-Connects us with the world of emotions and feminine energy, as well as the process of cleansing whether its emotional, physical, spiritual, or energetic.

-Renewal, rebirth.

-Fertility, abundance.

-Life mysteries and ancient wisdom.

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